My speciality is in a more relaxed yet tantalising kind of meeting, especially focused on tactile pleasures. I am quite likely to absent-mindedly run my fingers everywhere.. I really appreciate being instructed on what you like and how you like it, and similarly I will let you know what I enjoy. For me, much of this is still a learning experience – I’m a student at heart and I love to be taught how to please you.

In first bookings, I offer a fairly vanilla service as I slowly explore more of my own sexuality in my personal life. In the communications leading up to our booking, I will make sure to discuss your preferences and requirements with you extensively in order to make sure that we are more than a good fit. I do like to experiment more with my services (anal, submission) over subsequent bookings with trusted clients. Some treats are best unwrapped slowly!

Clients often like to ask me what I like. I am still very much on a journey of sexual self discovery (as are most of us!), but there are some definite activities I’d call my favourites. I like soft, yet quickly paced kissing – I am more than happy to demonstrate this for you! I adore being kissed, caressed and licked pretty much everywhere. I don’t particularly enjoy aggressive kissing with heaps of tongue, and don’t feel comfortable offering roleplay. Beyond the obvious places, my back and legs are particularly sensitive areas (in a very good way). I tend to have fairly intense and quiet orgasms – I wouldn’t call myself exuberant in this regard, but you will definitely know when it has happened!

I am genuinely bisexual and cater to all genders. Feel free to inquire about any crossdressing/gender play. I love sex with women and I am open to duos provided I have met your other companion first. I also have a delightful selection of friends that can assist in this matter. For couple bookings, I like to speak to both parties on the phone beforehand.

I am a full-time student and can be a little unintentionally elusive, but I do visit London as often as I can and aim to tour other UK cities on a quarterly basis. Feel free to sign up to my mailing list for updates on availability and where I will be heading to next!

Please familiarise yourself with my booking procedure and rates before contacting me, I truly appreciate clients that have taken the time to run through these.

I only offer protected services – health is massively important to me and non-negotiable.

Indigo Rose

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