Your Clumsy Companion

I was inspired to write this after reading some tweets a couple months back by other disabled sex workers talking about their experiences at work. It’s a topic that I haven’t touched on much in my ads, mostly due to the concept of my disabilities being hidden or “invisible”, and the stigma associated with disability. The … Continued

Dissertation Games

And so I have found myself about to embark on my third year of escorting, which should in theory have been my third year of university too, had I not elected to spread some second year modules over two years. Third year is typically the year in which students embark on a dissertation. Initially, my dissertation was … Continued

A (Bed)room of One’s Own

So ever since my first booking in October 2014, I have mainly been an outcalls only escort. For a lot of reasons outcalls really aren’t very popular, and in Devon they will often require a lot of travel (I’m talking six hour round trips!) unless you want to harshly limit your income by sticking to … Continued

The Anxious Hooker

Hello world, I write this to you on a hotel bed in one of my favourite lingerie sets (the mint with black lace) – smelling particularly divine (my new favourite body butter, a mix of biscuits and smoothie goodness), in one of my favourite makeup styles because I always go just a touch more dramatic in … Continued

Anti-GFE: Who am I?

I don’t mention the term “GFE” or “girlfriend experience” anywhere on my marketing despite it’s keyword pull in the search engine rankings. Every client I see must first partake in a mandatory screening phonecall – way less menacing than it sounds – mostly consisting of questions about the style of service they’d like, and more often … Continued

The Activist Gods Have Spoken

Hello everyone, We are quickly approaching exam season following hectic coursework time which is why I have been so quiet on this blog since my site launched! I thought I would update people on my upcoming tour plans. Last year I felt I only really started to ‘come into my own’ as an escort around summer … Continued

Site Launch: Freedom at Last

Well here it is! Finally, a space of my own unbound by Adultwork’s tedious restrictions. I haven’t kept it entirely secret that I am not the biggest fan of AW and had been seeking a site of my own to advertise when and how I liked to. I dislike that they have a total monopoly … Continued

Indigo Rose

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